PhotoViz 3.0

Photoviz is an excellent image enhancing application
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Photoviz is an excellent image enhancing application which gives you the power to add professional touch to digital images. The new version of Photoviz is upgraded with some new and amazing features. Use this wonderful tool to view, edit, organize images and for viewing and sending personal secret messages to others. This is one of the secure tools to hide confidential messages, files, applications or any data in the image. The written message in the image is encrypted in such a way, that no one can access it easily. Furthermore it includes all the necessary image correction and enhancement tools, one can need to make their photos more perfect. Make corrections automatically, semi automatically or manually with options like Rotate, Resize, crop, add red eye, adjust color, brightness, saturation, auto level etc. Besides, you can exhibit all the photos in a thumbnail format for viewing and editing convenience, change format, file size of the image, easily manage all the files and directories of the images, keep imaging information securely and much more. With its unique set of powerful tools, Photoviz is ready to streamline all digital images very smartly.

Venugopal Naidu
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  • Hide and send end confidential messages in images.
  • Edit and organize files and directories of the images.


  • It doesn't work on Vista
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